Top Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

‘Oral Hygiene’ is a term which is often neglected in many families. When we speak about good oral hygiene, we are not only focusing on clean Teeth but in fact our overall health. Our Teeth are the first stage in the digestive process; whether we eat healthy or unhealthy has an impact on our teeth and then our overall health and body. There are a couple of common bad habits that prevail in many families that can harm your teeth and have an impact on your health.

Drinking Soda, Alcohol or Other Carbonated Drinks

Sugar is the greatest enemy of your teeth. Soda and fizzy drinks contain sugar and acid that is harmful to the health of your teeth and body. Too much sugar can easily lead to tooth decay and cavities, eventually leading to affect the tooth enamel. On the other hand, excess consumption of alcohol can lead to staining as well as dullness in the long run.

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

It is a common practice to use teeth to open candies or sometimes bottles caps too! This can make your teeth crack or chip off.

Having Too Much Caffeine

Tea and coffee contain too much of caffeine that can lead to stains overtime if not taken care of.


A smoker can be easily identified from their Teeth as tobacco does not only stain teeth but can also cause gum or mouth infection in the long run.

Biting Nails

Many people have the habit of biting or trimming nails from Teeth when in stress or while over thinking. Biting nails does not only affect the Teeth enamel but may also weaken the edges of the Teeth.

Eating Hard or Gummy Candies

Candies can be harmful as they stick in the Teeth which mean a high level of sugar in the mouth for a long time that can easily lead to cavities and Tooth decay.

Brushing In The Wrong Way

Brushing your Teeth too hard or using a brush with hard bristles can also damage your Teeth making them vulnerable. Soft or medium bristles brush is considered to be better to prevent the damage.

All of the above bad habits can help you maintain a white and healthy smile as well the overall health of teeth and your body. This clearly means that if you do not take care of your oral hygiene, you may create other health problems for yourself, as well.

One should have foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins and instead cut back on foods that are high in sugar. Giving up on such bad habits is important along with focusing on oral hygiene through properly brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly for a healthy smile.

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