Back-To-School Dental Tips for a Healthy Smile

The beginning of the school year is coming up fast, so ensure your child is prepared. It can be a busy time, so it’s good to refresh your memory on how to care for your child’s teeth. It’s also the perfect time to schedule a back-to-school appointment for your child, as we can check the condition of their teeth and gums and clean their teeth professionally, so you can be sure you are sending them back to school with a healthy smile.

Which Problems Can Affect Children’s Teeth?

Many problems affecting adults’ teeth will also affect children, but your child’s teeth are still developing. Therefore, it’s even more essential to care for them properly; otherwise, it can cause serious issues as they grow up. Additionally, when a child is in pain or discomfort, it is tricky for them to eat properly and receive adequate nutrition for growth and development. A toothache can make studying difficult and may lead to significant time off school for treatment.

Some of the problems that can affect children’s teeth include:

  • Dental caries (tooth decay)
  • Gum disease and sensitive gums
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth loss
  • Teeth grinding
  • Finger and thumb sucking
  • Canker sores

Dental decay and gum disease can be prevented with proper oral care. Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine will also prevent problems like bad breath. Many children will grind their teeth during sleep, especially as their teeth are developing, but most will outgrow this habit. However, it can sound alarmingly noisy at the time, and if you are concerned, it’s always worth asking us for help and advice. Thumb sucking is a comforting habit for young children, but it can interfere with the development of their teeth, especially if it continues when they start school. Often children will quit this habit because of peer pressure and gentle encouragement from their parents, but if your child is having trouble quitting, we are here to help.

Easy Tips for a Healthy School Year

Once your child is back at school, here are some easy tips to help ensure their smile remains strong and healthy.

  • Buy them a new toothbrush for the start of the school year, and this will make it easier to track when you need to change it approximately three months later
  • Develop a routine where your child brushes their teeth before they leave the school and immediately before bed
  • Make sure your child has plenty of dental floss or other interdental cleaning tools they find easy to use
  • Pack a tooth-friendly lunchbox that includes calcium-rich cheese or sugar-free yoghurt and other healthy snacks like crunchy veggies
  • Include plain water and avoid sugary fruit juices or energy drinks
  • If your child plays sports, ask us about a custom mouthguard, as it is by far the most effective way to protect those precious teeth
  • Many children wear braces, and if your child is receiving orthodontic treatment, make sure they know how to care for their teeth properly