5 Common Dental Health Myths

We often hear many Dental myths or horror stories at some point in life that affect our conscious. Such Dental myths can affect the perception of visiting a Dentist that could lead to oral health issues in the long run.

This is the reason why it is integral to know the facts and clear the misconceptions when it comes to your teeth. SmileXcellence, based in Richmond, is your ideal Dental Care destination. Our highly trained and experienced team can provide you with the best guidance regarding your oral health. Let us look at a few common myths, which you may have even believed yourself.

Myth 1- The whiter your teeth, the healthier they are

Everyone wants to have sparkling white teeth but white teeth do not necessarily mean that they are healthier. Cavities or infections can still occur regardless of the shade of teeth.

Myth 2- The more sugar you eat, the worst for your teeth

Whenever we plan to eat a chocolate or candy bar, the first thing that strikes in our mind is how the sugar level would destroy our teeth. The reality is that the amount of sugar you eat is not the deciding factor for tooth decay. In fact, it depends on how long the sugar stays in contact with your teeth. This clearly means that having two candy bars, then immediately brushing your teeth is less harmful than eating one candy bar without gargling afterwards.

Myth 3- If gums are bleeding, brushing or flossing should not be done

The opposite is true. When your gums bleed, it is a sign that plaque is accumulating along your gum lines. You need to brush to remove the gunk or visit your ‘Dentist’ if the bleeding persists. The key is to brush and floss regularly and gently. SmileXcellence is your emergency stop in the case of bleeding gums. We will not only check the root cause but will also ensure that you get a pain free Dental procedure.

Myth 4- Brushing kills the purpose of flossing

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, it is not an excuse to skip flossing. If you do, you are missing the surface of your teeth where a brush cannot possibly reach. This clearly means that you are leaving food particles in your teeth that can lead to decay in the long run.

Myth 5- Dental implants are noticeable

This is untrue. Dental Implants are metal free and completely undetectable. They can come as a saviour that fill the gap and give a natural looking finish. SmileXcellence specialises in cosmetic services that include dental implants. Our team is highly experienced in the field and focuses on professional needs of patients.

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