4 Spring Tips for a Healthy Mouth

If you have been thinking about spring cleaning lately, what about sprucing up your smile? Read our easy tips on dental care for spring.

  1. Replace Ageing Toothbrushes

Take a good look at your toothbrush. Do the bristles look worn and splayed? Have you forgotten when you last replaced it? Spending a few dollars on a new brush will ensure it can clean your teeth effectively. If you had a winter cold or virus, it’s better to replace your toothbrush as it could be hosting unwanted bacteria.

  1. Clean Your Night Guard or Retainer Case

If you wear a nightguard or retainer, give the case a really good scrub. Often, these cases are neglected and can quickly become grimy. Also, if you have been ill, make sure you scrub your night guard or retainers and the cases straight away to prevent the risk of reinfection.

  1. Check Your Mouthwash Isn’t Out of Date

Do you have an old bottle of mouthwash? Take a quick look to check it is still in date. Expired mouthwash is less effective, so throw it out.

  1. Schedule a Hygiene Appointment

Having your teeth cleaned professionally is a great way to freshen your smile for spring, and it helps to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Most adults need six monthly hygiene appointments and dental checkups too.