Yes, You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too This Easter!

You cannot fail to have noticed that the Easter bunny has already visited the shops, leaving a plethora of sugary and tempting treats. Also, we know many patients are planning Easter activities such as Easter egg hunts and other events associated with this time of year. While sugar can be terrible for teeth, there are ways you can have your cake and eat it too this Easter.

Choose Your Treats Carefully

Bacteria in your mouth thrive off leftover sugars and food particles, creating a weak acid that contributes to tooth decay. It’s an important point to bear in mind when you choose your sweet treats as chewy and hard sweets can do greater damage to your pearly whites. Chewy sweets tend to become stuck in and around teeth, prolonging the time your teeth are exposed to sugar. Even worse, they can pull out fillings or damage other dental appliances. Hard sweets have a similar risk factor as they take ages to dissolve, and if you bite down on them, they can crack or chip teeth.

Why Chocolate Is Best

Chocolate melts easily so is more easily washed away from your teeth. When choosing chocolate, darker is better. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and antioxidants, and it tends to have less sugar.

Try Sugar-Free Sweets

Alternatively, there is a great range of sugar-free sweets available nowadays. It’s a smarter choice that allows you to indulge more safely.

When you do have something sweet to eat, it’s best to eat it all at once, minimising the time your teeth are exposed to sugars. Afterwards, be sure to brush and floss thoroughly.