Healthy Ageing: Why Oral Health Matters for Seniors

Getting older carries a higher risk of dental problems, including oral infections and tooth decay. Tooth loss is normally due to tooth infections and can make it significantly trickier to eat comfortably, so it is harder to chew certain foods, including those that are more nutritious and can negatively affect appearance. Complete tooth loss is […] Read more

How Much Should the Tooth Fairy Leave in a Cost-of-Living Crisis?

Leaving a tooth out for the Tooth Fairy in exchange for cash is a time-honoured tradition, but the costs of paying for newly shed teeth can mount up fast, even for magical beings. While we are in a cost-of-living crisis, it can be hard for a Tooth Fairy to justify paying out a lot of […] Read more

Going Green for Your Oral Health: Eco-Friendly Oral Care Products

Many people are trying to take a more sustainable approach to life, including dental care products. Like many items, oral care products are often made from plastics or hard-to-recycle materials. Still, if you look around, it is possible to find oral care products that take a greener approach without compromising oral health. Below you will […] Read more

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