Are you one of the Thirty Percenters?

We certainly hope you are, as this is the percentage of people who floss their teeth daily. Unfortunately, we know many people ignore this essential task, but it is important if you want to have strong, healthy gums and healthy teeth. If you don’t currently floss every day, here is why it is important and […] Read more

Seeing Pink in the Sink? What it Means for Your Dental Health

Have you recently begun seeing pink in your sink or perhaps on your toothbrush? If so, it could signify that your gums are in trouble and need your help. Several factors can cause your gums to bleed; sometimes, the problem is easy to fix. Other times, it is best to come and see us for […] Read more

New Year, New You! Dental Health Resolutions

New Year is a time for making changes. Most New Year resolutions are centred on improving your health or personal growth and development. Instead, why not resolve to be different this year and resolve to improve oral health? You will help to protect your overall health and your wallet, and you’ll benefit from a healthy, […] Read more

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