Let’s “Spring Clean” Your Oral Health

As winter loosens its grip and signs of spring emerge, many people start to think about spring cleaning their home, but what about spring cleaning your dental health routine? It’s a great time of year to refresh your oral care regime so you can greet the new season with a healthy and beautiful smile. We’ve […] Read more

Do You Get Anxious Before You Visit the Dentist? Here Are Our Top Tips to Calm Your Nerves

Feeling some degree of anxiety before you visit the dentist is quite common, even amongst people who know they take care of their teeth properly. An estimated one in six adults and one in 10 children in Australia experience some level of dental fear or anxiety. However, regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments are important […] Read more

Got Allergies? Tell Your Dentist!

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, but did you realise these can affect oral health? If you have allergies, let us know during your next dental checkup so we can discuss the possible impact on your oral health and how best to reduce this risk. When someone has seasonal allergies, we can adjust our recommended […] Read more

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