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Smile! It’s Good for Your Health

Smiling is a wonderful way to express emotion and connect with others, and there are some real benefits to smiling more frequently. However, it is often easier to frown than to crack a smile, especially at the end of a long and stressful day, but if you can force your features into a grin, you…

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What Are Those Things in the Dental Office?

When you visit your dentist, you probably notice they have a whole host of equipment to help them examine your mouth, diagnose any problems, and treat them. Perhaps you have wondered about what they are and how they can help. We thought it would be nice to put together a short guide of some of…

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Back-To-School Dental Tips for a Healthy Smile

The beginning of the school year is coming up fast, so ensure your child is prepared. It can be a busy time, so it’s good to refresh your memory on how to care for your child’s teeth. It’s also the perfect time to schedule a back-to-school appointment for your child, as we can check the…

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6 Ways to Teach Kids Good Oral Hygiene

Making sure you teach your child about good oral care from a young age will help them avoid common problems like tooth decay. Establishing a good oral care routine will help prevent future dental problems, making them more likely to grow up with a healthy and attractive smile. Here are six easy ways to teach…

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Why are Some People’s Teeth More Sensitive Than Others?

Enjoying an ice cream or a sweet treat is a pleasurable experience for many people, but not for those with sensitive teeth. Eating certain foods can make their teeth twinge uncomfortably or even cause sudden sharp pain. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem experienced by many adults at one time or another. Usually, it’s triggered…

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Let’s Talk about Taking Care of Your Teeth Throughout the Day

During the day, most people are so busy with work or family, and they have little time to think about their dental health beyond brushing their teeth in the morning and then again last thing at night. However, paying even a little more attention to habits and mealtimes during the day can greatly benefit dental…

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Winter Foods to Avoid for Your Oral Health

During the colder winter months, we often crave heavier, more comforting foods that might not always be great for dental health. One of the most common problems we see in patients during winter is increased tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can occur when you eat or drink something very hot or cold, causing a rapid temperature…

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Five Ways to Prevent and Cure Chapped Lips

It is very common to develop sore, chapped lips during the winter. When lips are exposed to cold air, and warm, dry air inside, the top layer of the skin called keratin can lose moisture, becoming less flexible, cracked and sore, and even scaly. If you normally suffer from chapped lips, here are five ways…

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