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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentIs it time for a Root Canal Therapy session? Eww is the word that comes out of most of the patients when even thinking about an impending session with the Dentist. However, root canal has no longer to be a painful procedure as there have been revolutionary advancements in the field allowing expert Dentists to perform the treatment with little to no pain.

Dental experts at SmileXcellence specialise in preventive treatment techniques that help patients in Richmond avoid the need for aggressive procedures. Root Canal Therapy is a Dental procedure in which the diseased pulp (flesh) of a tooth is removed. The root canals are then filled and sealed to avoid any further damage. Timely Root Canal Treatments tremendously help a patient as a little negligence in the case can lead to the painful procedure of teeth extraction.

Root Canal Therapy is a routine procedure performed more than any other treatment at a Dental clinic. The session is a necessity for cleaning and filling of Root Canals and isn’t as painful as it is made to be. While the traditional techniques were definitely painful, modern Dentists are experts at not only the pain-free Dental procedures but are also trained to help their patients overcome the fear of a Dentist and a Root Canal Therapy.

If you think you will soon require a Root Canal, here is what you need to know about the procedure. At SmileXcellence, we believe that sharing information about procedure helps our patients not only understand what is going to happen but also how easy and relatively pain-free the procedure will be.

Pain-Free RCT

Root Canals are performed when the deep interior portion of the tooth, where the tooth’s blood supply and nerves are located, become infected, decayed, or damaged. Root Canal is thus a simple procedure to remove the damaged part to preserve the tooth and avoid Tooth Extraction. To help ease our patients’ anxiety, SmileXcellence offers several tools that have proven to be comforting to our patients. These include:

Several of our patients who come for a Root Canal Therapy ask us if they can simply get their Tooth Extracted. However, it is important to understand that Tooth Extraction is far worse and painful in the long run when compared to the simple, single sitting Root Canal Treatment. Considered as one of the most advancing branch of Endodontic, Root Canal procedure is a painless treatment even for the non-vital teeth cases. Single sitting root canal treatments avoid the need for more aggressive Root Canals that can weaken the tooth structure and may require additional restorations over time.

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If you are looking for a Dentist who can end your suffering of a decaying tooth, visit SmileXcellence in Richmond and receive timely care. Ensuring that all the pain is minimised, SmileXcellence Dentists treat your teeth so that the infection never returns with proper regular care.

Experience Root Canal Treatment in Richmond like never before. Take an appointment at SmileXcellence, visit us and witness a revolutionary form of advanced Root Canal Treatment that is designed to ensure that it’s nothing more than a regular tooth filling.