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Dentistry For Customers Coming From Kurrajong Hills

SmileXcellence is a Family Dental Care Clinic serving families of Kurrajon Hills with a team of highly trained dentists. We provide exemplary services to our patients with high quality treatments. We have customers coming to us from Kurrajong Hills for services ranging from a simple checkup to a complex dental surgery.

Ready to learn more about the hotshot but cool Dentists of SmileXcellence? Fasten your seat belts!

Our Outstanding facilities

The team at SmileXcellence provides wide range of services for everyone.

1.Checkups and Consultation

We provide regular checkups and consultation to our patients in order to help them keep a track of their oral health and to avoid any serious dental problems in future.

2.General Dental Care

Our Dentists have years of experience in providing General Dental Care to patients of all ages. This includes wisdom tooth removal, tooth extraction, Dental Crowns and Bridge, Root Canal Treatment and tooth colored fillings.

3.Cosmetic Dental Care

We have a wide range of cosmetic services to help improve the appearance of teeth. Our procedures include: Cosmetic consultation, Dental Veneers, Zoom Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants.

Having Excellence in its name, SmileXcellence aims to build an outstanding reputation in making people smile.

Your Emergency Stop

SmileXcellence is your go-to place in case of a Dental emergency. It is advisable to visit a professional in case of an unforeseen oral issue. A Dental emergency can be a case of jaw pain, bleeding gums, broken tooth, toothache, broken denture or a lost tooth. We give comfort to our patients and ensure them high quality and focused treatments regardless of the problem.

SmileXcellence is a registered Dentist with Australian Dental Association (ADA), it is a voluntary Member Organisation with statewide branches.

For Your Child’s Excellent Dental Care

SmileXcellence Dentists are specifically trained to be able to provide happier Dental Care to your beautiful but easily-scared pockets of delight. We provide excellent and high standard services to everyone, regardless of the age factor. You do not have to take your child to another Dentist for treatment, as we at SmileXcellence offer quality services for your children as well.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable and friendly environment to make our little visitors feel at ease. Early Dental consultation helps to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our staff is trained to work well with children and offer them a relaxing environment. We also have a play zone for children to make their Dental Care visits fun.

Highlights of Dental Services in Kurrajong Hills

Pocket-friendly Dental Care

We believe in providing high standards to our patients at an affordable price. SmileXcellence offers all the specialised services keeping in mind the pocket of our clients. We understand the factor of affordability without any compromise on the level of our services.

SmileXcellence has been known for keeping its customers happy since it started its operations. We have several payment plans along with many special packages to offer, designed for the convenience of our patients.

Special Offers at SmileXcellence

Our priority is the oral health of you and your family.

Call us at (02) 4505 1223 to speak to our representative for an appointment. Our expert dentists will take care of all your oral and Dental health problems.