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Dentist Richmond NSW

SmileXcellence is a family Dentist in Richmond NSW, led by the distinguished and respectable Dr. Yogita Khasa (Rathi). Smilexcellence Dentist has a strong focus on keeping your Oral Health at its best. If you are looking for a family Dental Clinic in Richmond, NSW that offers clean, quick and affordable services, SmileXcellence is the answer to all your prayers.

Located in the centre of Richmond NSW, our Dentist is situated for easy access for both the children and adults. Want to get the best oral hygiene for your kids and a beautiful, shining smile for yourself? Call us at (02) 4505 1223 or 0424 966 544 for an appointment today at ‘SmileXcellence Dentist Richmond NSW’.

GAP FREE Check Up and Clean for Health Fund Members.

Dentist In Richmond NSW

Dentist Richmond NSW

Our Dentist are highly qualified and courteous, making sure that you not only receive the best Dental care but also the most friendly services. SmileXcellence DENTIST is an experienced and provides dental care in a gentle and caring manner, making them the perfect choice for families, especially those with small children.

If you have been looking for a family Dentistry in Richmond, NSW, you will be happy to meet SmileXcellence experts who will bring the smile to your kids. Kids scared of Dentist? That’s so 20 century. Introduce your smaller folks to SmileXcellence Richmond, NSW and they will remind you of their next appointment themselves. Our Dental health services are provided equally to all our patients. Whether it’s a toddler or an adult, we invest our time to make sure that our patients receive the best oral and Dental health services with care and courtesy.

For a whiter, shinier and healthier smile – contact SmileXcellence.

No Painful Dental Treatments

Introducing state-of-the-art technology and latest equipment, SmileXcellence has ensured that you will never again be asked to deal with painful and extensive treatments. Bringing pain-free Dentist to Richmond, you too can now be part of this upcoming generation of oral care. Help us make it completely pain-free by visiting SmileXcellence for proper, regular and timely care. This will help us diagnose and identify diseases at an early stage, avoiding any unnecessary and extensive treatments.

Wondering what services do we offer at SmileXcellence Richmond, NSW? SmileXcellence is a 360-degree ‘Dentist in Richmond’. From General Oral and Dental health consultations to highly technical and complex Cosmetic Dentist – you will find everything under one roof.

Looking for General or Cosmetic Dentist in Richmond? Call us today to make your appointment.

For optimal oral health, visit us twice a year for quick and pain-free Dental checkup and professional cleaning. Help us maintain your oral health by regularly visiting us. For more specialised Dentist, contact our specialist Dentists in Richmond by writing to us at You can also call us at (02) 4505 1223 and 0424 966 544.