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Dentist Centre Tennyson

With a limited population living in the semi-rural suburb of Tennyson and with chances of bush-fire every year, residents must take good care of themselves. Part of self-care falls on Dental hygiene. It is very important to maintain a good oral health. Travelling far may not be a feasible option for all and thus, ‘SmileXcellence Richmond NSW’ has come to your rescue.

At SmileXcellence Richmond, we provide pain-free, economical “Dentist Treatments” of all kinds. We have highly trained professional Dentist at your service for people coming from Tennyson and its surrounding suburbs.

Dentist Centre Tennyson For An Affordable Price

SmileXcellence is a 360-degree family “Dental Clinic”. We have established our Dentist Centre Tennyson in December 2015. We are relatively new, however, we have a team of very experienced orthodontists and latest medical equipment that will give you a painless Dental experience. We do simple medical oral care as well as complicated Dental Treatments.

SmileXcellence has the variety of patients, ageing from few months, years to senior members. Since we have such diverse age group, our orthodontists are experienced and trained in this manner. We deal each case with utter seriousness, with respect, with sensitivity and with confidentiality. Our clinic is child-friendly. We have a separate children’s play zone equipped with different types of toys. We have also created a relaxing environment that will help you cut down on your nervousness. Our company has very friendly staffs and they will present you with the highest customer service.

We have a success story. To make our clinic more successful, we need your presence. If you are suffering from any kinds of dental problem, do not hesitate to call us at (02) 4505 1223 or 0424 966 544 to have a conversation with our staff and book an appointment. We believe in painless treatment. We also have:

Our Dentist Provide Discounts

SmileXcellence thinks about the comfort and the situations of our patients. Dental Treatments are expensive here. However, you can do a thorough and a complete check-up, treatment with us at very low cost. We provide some discounts and services:

We Are Here To Give You A Painless Dental Exposure

SmileXcellence has a mission to conduct excellent smiles on your faces. We have modern treatment procedures that are pain-free. You and your child will undergo a pleasant Dental experience at the hand of our well trained professional Dentist.

Without much worry, pick up your phone and give us a call at (02) 4505 1223 or 0424 966 544 or you can simply fill up an inquiry form at the bottom of this page. Give us a call, talk to our friendly staffs and book an appointment today! We will help you smile like a celebrity!