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Dentist Bowen Mountain NSW 2753

When you meet someone new, the first thing that makes an impression on them is your smile. Your smile leaves a lasting impact on people in both personal and professional settings, and not to mention, it makes you look more attractive.

In a recent research, 88% of people said that they remember people with beautiful smiles. 94% said the smile is the first thing they notice about a person.

SmileXcellence is your stop for COST- EFFECTIVE Dentistry, guaranteed to help you get that smile you’ve always wanted with the help of our experienced and qualified team of Dentists. We provide Dental service to customers coming from Bowen Mountain

We are a family clinic that is determined to deliver the best oral health care by recognising and taking care of gum and Dental diseases, and by ensuring that our treatments are minimally painful and over with, as quick as possible.

‘SmileXcellence’ aims to make our high standard services affordable for everyone, especially families. Dental problems cause the most discomfort and are a high strain on people’s expenditures.

Our team of Dentists are highly experienced and are specialised in all kinds of Dental procedures ranging from gum and tooth infections to cosmetic and corrective surgery designed to make your dream of a perfect smile come true, at minimal cost.

Other Services in SmileXcellence

Our Dental Clinic is equipped to handle all your oral health related problems with ease. We are aware of the anxiety and pain that is caused by dental problems for both kids and adults. Therefore, for the locals of Bowen Mountain, NSW, we work to formulate a treatment plan that works consistently with the client’s needs, be they children or grown-ups.

We present all out clients with a safe and reassuring environment, which is why we are children’s most preferred Dental clinic. Kids famously call us as their “Super Dentists” and are more than willing to come up to us for their Dental checkups and cleaning.

We strive to keep our treatments pain-free by using the latest technology.

Some of our most highly demanded and aesthetically restorative services include:

Why should you Pick SmileXcellence

1. Apart from being trusted and reliable, we also offer a package deal being a family Dental clinic that includes treatment plans for your entire family within your budget.

2. A team of trained General and Cosmetic Dentists that will take care of your every dental need.

3. Health fund payments through HICAPS on the spot.

4. If you are a new patient, we offer free consultation or second opinion.

5. We offer bulk billing for children aged 2-17 under medicare scheme (CDBS)

6. For pensioners, 10% discount available.

7. Gap-free cleaning and checkup

8. We accept DVA patients.

Benefits for Patients

SmileXcellence is your one stop Dentistry solution that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied related to your oral health problems – be they General (like root canal or wisdom tooth removal), Cosmetic (like Zoom teeth Whitening) or Specialised (including dental implants).

If you have been on the lookout for a Dental Clinic surrounded in Bowen Mountain area for yourself or your children, this is where your search ends! SmileXcellence offers you a complete experience:

You can reach us on (02) 4505 1223 to book an appointment with us, or online at