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Dental Clinic For Customers Coming From Clarendon

‘Dental treatments’ are usually associated with painful procedures that are heavy on the pocket as well. Citizens of Clarendon don’t have a lot of options for oral hygiene and Dental Treatment in Richmond – let alone something that is easier on the teeth and their pockets.

This is why SmileXcellence focuses its services from Richmond to the families who coming from Clarendon. To provide a solution to all your oral health related issues, ranging from any kind of oral and Dental diseases to regular check-ups and oral health maintenance – contact the expert Dentist at SmileXcellence.

SmileXcellence is your family Dental Clinic Richmond that offers you a complete solution to all your oral and Dental problems. Our Dentists are qualified and experienced. They are trained and have dedicated their careers to reach the highest level of expertise in maintaining your oral health and hygiene. When we say we are a family Dental Clinic, we mean to say that we save you the trouble of going to different clinics for your kids and to a separate one for your parents.

SmileXcellence DENTIST Richmond recognise your oral needs and identify any Dental diseases that you might have at an early stage, and take care of them. This way, you never reach to a point where you need extensive treatments, and your smile always stays at its best!

‘Dentistry’ at SmileXcellence use cutting-edge technology and equipment like pain-free injections and Dental anesthetics to ensure our patients don’t feel any pain. We want our patients to get all their treatments in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Some of our services that we offer to the people of Clarendon are:

• Sedation
• Veneers
• RCT (Root Canal Treatments)
• General/Cosmetic Consultation
• Wisdom Tooth Removal
• Teeth Whitening
• Dental Crowns

Our aim is to take away the preset notion of pain and discomfort that has been long associated with Dental Treatment and maintenance. Patients have felt a difference between us and other Dental Clinics serving the area of Clarendon, as we aim to make the process pain-free and comfortable for them.

We also help ensure that you get the smile that you’ve always wanted with our teeth whitening, scaling and other cosmetic procedures.

SmileXcellence has gained the trust of many customers in Clarendon, especially among children. Kids are more inclined to get Dental treatments in an environment where they feel safe, which is why our dentists are specially trained to make children feel comfortable with the procedures.

Why Choose SmileXcellence

Other than the facts that we have already stated, here are some of the highlights that make us your best choice of all kind of Dental and oral treatments:

Free Consultation for New Patients

We offer free consultation to patients from Clarendon who are visiting SmileXcellence for the first time or just came in for a second opinion.

Bulk Billing for Children

Children between the ages of 2-17 are billed in bulk for their dental treatment, which is cheaper than individual billing.

Gap Free Checkup and Cleaning

For all the Health Fund Members, we offer check-up and cleaning with no disparity between the health care services and needs of our patients.

10% Discount on all Treatments

All treatments are offered with a 10% discount, and this 10% discount is also applicable to all pensioners.

On the Spot Health Fund Payments

At SmileXcellence, you can make Health Fund Payments on the spot with the help of HICAPS. SmileXcellence has been serving the citizens of Sydney and Clarendon for decades. We are an affordable dental clinic located in Richmond, offering you a complete range of dental services that maintain your oral health as well as help improve the aesthetics of your smile!

If you are in Clarendon, we are the one-stop solution to all your Dental and oral health issues or general maintenance.

Book an appointment with us and find yourself a part of the most professional, helping and caring dental services in NSW. Call us now at 02 4505 1223 or visit our website for inquiries and bookings.